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Spectrum Education and
Autism Training Tailored to You

Autism STEP Australia provides neurodiverse and autism training and education to individuals, their carers and their organisations. With 35 years in the industry, we understand the issues and difficulties that face people with autism, in their careers, transitions, and in the wider industry. Gain an Advocate on your side.

Berinda Karp NAB Grant Recipient 2022 Helping Business Rebuild after Natural Disaster

Our Services

Our autism training and support is unique and unconventional, prioritising individual, person-centred needs. We always aim for long-term results that empower independence and inclusivity into the future. We also provide tailored training packages for your organisation.

Individual Service Plans (ISPs)

Our experts create Individual Service Plans (ISPs) that also include transition plans and reasonable adjustment plans for those transitioning into school and various entry and exit phases post school education, training and job-seeking. We understand the diversity in autism. We tailor all our programs to you.

Carer and Professional Consultancy

We provide carer support and training. We provide professional advice for teachers, psychologists, allied health personnel, businesses and organisations with staff development programs that increase their capacity to support neurodiversity.

Emergency Services Risk Management Training

We are a consultant and trainer for autism risk management for front-line and first responders during an emergency. Autism STEP has existing partnerships with the Resilience NSW, RFS, SES, St Johns Ambulance and provides autism emergency training to schools, law enforcement, medical and those working in the community.

Berinda Karp -
35 Years of Care

The consultant of choice and award-winning program manager, Berinda, founded Autism STEP to support people with Intellectual Disability, Neurodiverse conditions and Autism to gain independence and empowerment. She creates a more considered inclusive world.

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Our Goal?
To Empower Your Future

We provide strategies to develop your independence and self-empowerment. We want you to be self-actualised - to live a life where you're satisfied with where and who you are. That's why we will become as unconventional as we need to be. You are unique - so our person-centred strategies are as unique as you.

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Our Workshops and Offers

Our Autism Training Courses and Workshops have demonstrated effectiveness in helping our participants with autism gain and maintain tertiary studies and employment. We also have workshops for professionals to increase organisational and individual capacity to include and support those with neurodiversity and autism. Check out our offers!

Berinda's qualifications, experience and connections make her a bank of accurate and useful information.

Fiona Scully


Berinda is awesome at engaging with parents, carers and professionals working with clients with autism and related health conditions, highly recommend her for consultations, presentations and advice

David Michal Liptak

National Director Vocational Psychology, Vision Psychology

Berinda is amazing! Her knowledge and experience in this area of Autism is excellent

Roz Cc

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Respect |
Diversity | Autism

Autism STEP Australia is dedicated to spreading autism, neurodiverse awareness and acceptance. Everyone deserves to be seen and spoken to respectfully, and we aim to adjust expectations not only for the individuals with autism but for critical members of our local community as well. From police, paramedics, firefighters and first-response personnel to teachers, carers, employers, and staff. The worlds of the neurotypical and neurodiverse are interconnected, and we at Autism STEP think it's time we all acknowledged that through proper knowledge and training.

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