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Ask Me What I Need

Berinda Karp - Educator
Ask me what I need

About this course

Ask me what I need is an award winning program

2020 Resilience NSW Community Awards
2020 National Resilience Award Community Category

Ask me what I need aims to:

Save the lives of Autistic people during an emergency situation by:

  • identifying Autistic people and assessing risk
  • creating awareness around expected responses of autistic people during emergency situations
  • learning how to effectively communicate with people with autism
  • deploying tools and strategies learned in this training course
  • sharing the knowledge and experience you learn to others


Target audience: First Responders, care workers, support workers, security guards, teachers and educators health care workers and anyone interested in being prepared to assist in an emergency.

“It’s time to bridge the training gap no one even noticed.”

Duration: 2 hours with refreshments after for 30 minutes


Inclusions: Workbook


Participant numbers: Up to 20


Venue required: Conference Room


Other Information:

Deposit is required at the time of booking.

Train the Trainer and Licensing for Ask me what I need options are available.

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