Making it Work
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Making it Work

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Making it Work

Berinda Karp - Educator
Making it Work

About this course

Making it Work


Transition and Orientation Program for Young Adults on the Autism Spectrum transitioning to Post School Education for example TAFE or University.


Aims: To reduce the stress and anxiety experienced by students with ASC as they transition from their familiar High School environment to the unfamiliar TAFE or University.


Target audience: People on the Autism Spectrum who are ready for post-school education


Inclusions: Workbooks, Certificate of Participation


Participant numbers: 6-20


Venue required: Classroom with access to smart boards and or whiteboards, screens, lite pro, Lapel microphone for larger venues


Deposit is required at time of booking


Making it Work Outline
  • Introduction Activity for Students
  • Outline the sessions to come
  • Review Program Plan
  • Discuss concerns about attending Post School Education
  • Discussion with former and current students about their experiences.
  • Practice Introductions
  • Revisit the previous session re concerns—about going to Post School Education
  • Campus tour –if appropriate
  • Review of the previous session
  • What happens at Post School Education
  • Student assessment guides
  • Timetables
  • Examples of assignments
  • Recognising when you are anxious or frustrated and how to deal with it
  • Relaxation
  • Review of the previous session
  • Social Autopsy
  • Questioning
  • Review of Concerns
  • Reasonable Adjustments
  • Assessments
  • Technology to Help you
  • Review of the previous session
  • Organisational Skills
  • Note taking
  • Lesson Template
  • Working in a Group
  • Excursion for information gathering
  • How to present to a group
  • How School and PSO are different
  • Skills you need to develop
  • How to apply for courses
  • Disclosure

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